Month: December 2012

Lipsey Performance Leasing – Commercial Real Estate Show

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Landlords utilizing best in class tours, leasing and compensation arrangements are having the best results in this market. Mike Lipsey, President of The Lipsey Company shares his latest strategies on performance leasing for owners, managers, landlord reps and tenant reps. Share your questions and comments at Info@CREsh

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Expanding Your Network with Linkedin – Commercial Real Estate Show

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Discover the latest tips and strategies to leverage LinkedIn’s contacts of over 175 million professionals, including executives from every fortune 500 company. The queen explains Linkedin endorsements, recommendations, connection policies, proper groups to join and much more.

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How To Fill Out A Va Home Loan Mortgage Application for Seattle Area

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“Boy Nick, this video sure made that home loan paperwork a lot easier and way less confusing”—That is something so many of my friends have been telling me when I send them this helpful video. I’m not gonna tell you us mortgage folks load you down paperwork to sign…you already know that

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VA Loan Refinance Oceanside Mortgage Loan Refinance

REALUVIEW December 18, 2012 78 No Comments Home Plus Mortgage Call 800.810.7587 For The Best Mortgage VA Loan Refinance with the Lowest Mortgage Rates in Oceanside! We Offer the Highest Level of Personalized Customer Service and the Most Competitive Rates in the Industry. Looking for the best mortgage VA loans refinancing in Oce

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Social Media Strategies – Commercial Real Estate Show

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Whether you’re just starting to use social media, or you’re a savvy user looking to improve your social media strategies, to be successful with social media it is important to be platform agnostic. Success is gained by understanding your goals, your audience and your mission. Show host Michael Bull and Soci

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The four types of VA loans

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Daniel Chookaszian, a Vice President of Perl Mortgage, specializes in working with veterans on VA loan financing. In the video Dan outlines the four types of VA loans and the costs associated with a program that’s funded more than 24 million loans since 1944 and helped to bring stability to many veterans and thei

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