Month: January 2015

Nonprofit Advertising Trends and Grant Opportunities

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Have you ever wondered which advertising channels other nonprofits use– and with what level of success–to advertise their organizations? Lucky for us, marketing experts (and our friends) at Updentity conducted a study on the topic and share the findings with us in this presentation. For more great stuff, vi

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NonProfit Fire: How to Use Google Ad Grants

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The purpose of NonProfit Fire is to support your nonprofit cause through marketing and advertising services. Some key areas of support would include: * Raising further awareness for your nonprofit * Recruiting additional volunteers, and especially * Increasing donations A fundamental NonProfit Fire service is the manag

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Fund Accounting Grants Available for Nonprofits

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Nonprofits can apply for fund accounting grant at: When applying for grants, all nonprofits face fierce competition. A recent survey of nonprofit executives reported that a major concern among nonprofit leaders was the concurrent increase in demand for nonprofit services a

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Google Grants & The Non Profit Scheme: The Lowdown

REALUVIEW January 28, 2015 145 No Comments Welcome to the latest video in the series of the Optix Solutions Coffee Table Talks. Join Thomas Haynes and Alastair Banks as they provide the lowdown on Google’s Non Profit Scheme.

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Office Tenant and Landlord Strategies

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As corporate office use strategies evolve, the impact on tenants businesses, as well as property level fundamentals and the investment market are profound. Sean Williams, VP National Office Group with Bull Realty joins the show to discuss office tenant and landlord strategies.

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The Real Impact of Employment on the Office Sector via Xceligent

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As employment improves in the U.S., business will be faced with a changing CRE market. James Cook, National Director of Analytics for Xceligent joins the show via Skype to discuss just how much of an impact employment improvement will have on tenants and landlords.

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Webinar – Making Grants Research Simple for Nonprofits and Libraries – 2015-01-22

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Visit to learn about technology donations for nonprofits and libraries! Trying to make time in your busy schedule to write a few grant proposals in 2015? Watch Jeremy Smith, Communications Director at GrantStation and Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education, for a quick tour of several easy t

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PLG Estates — 9116 St Ives Dr.

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Local Non-Profit Groups Receive Grant Awards

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Several local non-profit groups in North Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties were on the receiving end of several grant awards provided by Dignity Health Central Coast on Friday morning.

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How to use Google Ad Grants to Grow Your Nonprofit Community and Raise More Funds

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Did you know that Google has a program that gives qualifying nonprofits up to $10,000 a month in free Google Ad budget? This video features Eric Facas, of CauseMedia- with his experience in building brands and with Google, he has some great tips to share. For more great stuff, visit our site http://www.thirdsectortoday

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