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At 9:00 pm est Learn to get Free Cars and Grants to pay for Car Repair.

Matthew Lesko Notes from the live video on Fee cars and Grants for Car Repair August 8,

publish August 9, 2017 11
Don’t give $ to those who promise to solve your money problems.

See links below that are mentioned in video Matthew Lesko Notes from the live video on Fee

publish August 7, 2017 14

High-Frequency Radio Network is an online podcasting station dedicated to creating awareness in the areas of law, commerce, and spirituality.

publish August 4, 2017 18
Impact on Real Estate Clip – Casino Gaming Uplifts a Rural Appalachian Community

In 2015 the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians opened a casino & hotel near the town of Murphy, North Carolina.

publish August 3, 2017 41
Is the property market about to collapse? | What Mortgage

House prices have recently dipped, but are we about to see a property prices come crashing down? What Mortgage’s Stephen

publish August 2, 2017 13
Lacy West | Creating 290, Lud Foe, Real Estate Success & Legal Economics | Shot By @TheRealZacktv1

publish July 31, 2017 64
Vancouver Realtor Fired for Exposing Real Estate Bubble and Mortgage Fraud

This is my story from many years ago when I was a new agent. I was essentially fired for making

publish July 29, 2017 13
What is the 1% Rule for Real Estate Investing?

What is the 1% Rule for Real Estate Investing? There are many ways to evaluate a real estate deal, but

publish July 26, 2017 25
CA Recording Law Explained by a Lawyer

Can you record your co-workers without permission? Branigan details CA law regarding secret workplace recordings (video & audio). He details

publish July 25, 2017 13
What Is The Note For A Mortgage?

What is a mortgage promissory note? Mortgage 101. Googleusercontent search. What exactly is a mortgage note, what does note look

publish July 24, 2017 23
What Is A HUD Statement?

Home buyers how to read your hud 1 statement understanding the change from new closing disclosure. The hud 1 settlement

publish July 23, 2017 32

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