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A Little Promissory Note Pays Mortgage in 14 days


February 2, 2015


A Little Promissory Note Pays Mortgage in 14 days! http://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info and Learn how to Erase your debt in 14 days… https://m.me/DayGlobalLlc?ref=free_ebook offers the answer to paying off your mortgage in as little as 14 days with this Littl

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Mortgage Note Broker Training – Direct Note Buyer Reveals Secrets of the Industry


November 10, 2014


This video features a presentation by The Paper Source titled “Finding Note Holders With Any Budget — Or None At All — And Getting Them To Say “Yes!” To Your Offer”. If you’re looking to sell your mortgage notes, we

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Buying Mortgage Notes Versus Buying Real Estate


January 7, 2013


The video explains the major benefits to buying mortgage notes versus buy properties for rentals.

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