Contract For Deed: A Powerful REO Business Model

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What is a Contract for Deed? Learn how Cherif Medawar worked with the banks to buy REOs in bulk, and by using a Contract for Deed business model, made millions.

Cherif Medawar, RE Hedge Fund Manager, Author and Educator

Cherif Medawar is an experienced real estate fund manager. He owns and operates over $100 Million Dollars in Assets Under Management since 2009.

Recently he became one of the first people to file a Reg. A+ with the SEC and successfully created a fund that can solicit publicly to broadest base of accredited and non-accredited qualified investors ever offered by a private fund.

He continues to expand and he plans to go public (over-the-counter), which will only turbo his methods to raise capital and deploy it in valuable real estate assets. One of these methods to raise capital is the development of This is a portal that will automate the investing experience and allow Sponsors to raise capital for their real estate deals. Crowdfund Express will launch in the next 60 days.

Cherif has also founded an education company in 1999,, and he teaches people how to invest in various types of real estate, how to syndicate as well as how to use crowdfunding to grow both as an Investor and/or Developer.

He authored several best selling books on real estate investing, how to set up the ultimate asset protection structure and how to reduce taxes to 15% per year using the most powerful yet least known tax incentives offered by Congress.

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