How to Create a Special Warranty Deed

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Special Warranty Deed:
Warranty Deed:
Quit Claim Deed:

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Special Warranty Deed Basics:

A Special Warranty Deed is used when you’re transferring real estate to another individual or entity and are guaranteeing that there were no defects in title that occurred DURING THE TIME YOU OWNED IT. You’re not saying the property has a spotless title after everyone has owned it; just that it accrued no defects during the time that YOU owned it. There’s a big difference – and a Special Warranty Deed can help you spell it out.

Use the Special Warranty Deed document if:
– You are selling or buying property.
– You’re transferring property into a trust.
– You’d like to include warranties along with a title.
– You’re in the business of buying or selling property.

What’s the difference between a Special Warranty Deed and a typical Warranty Deed? A Special Warranty Deed is only promising that nothing happened to property during the current seller’s ownership. If you’re the seller, you can potentially remove yourself from certain issues down the road that you had no part in. And if you’re the buyer, you might be okay with this but you should understand that this document is very different than other kinds of warranty deeds. Understanding legal terms can help you make a smart, informed decision. A Special Warranty Deed can help protect the seller while keeping the buyer in the loop.

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