How to get small business, nonprofit, and individual grants

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This video is about how to get small business grants. There are many resources for getting grants at a national level, namely and a few other sites that I discuss in the video. But there are also local government organizations that help you get a small business grant. Try to research the small business grants that are available at your local state level and your city level.

There are other sources where you can get small business grants. Small business grants can come from the various communities to which you may belong. That can be minority communities. Examples of that can be small business or non profit grants for female entrepreneurs, or immigrant entrepreneurs, or small business grants for disabled, or people who are in poverty. As long as you are resourceful, you can find sources to get small business grants.

Here is a full article with tips on how to get small business grants:

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For more information about how to get small business grants, please visit and for other kinds of funding. And of course, for fundraising ideas, please check out our video with 7 fundraising ideas:

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