Real Estate Legal Descriptions I

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Introduction to Real Estate Legal Descriptions – Closed Captioning Available – One of 34 videos to help you pass the real estate exam. There are 34 videos that range from 6 minutes to 15 minutes in length, plus you can download the audio files of the videos. (4.75 hours of audio files) There are over 650 real estate exam questions with explanations and a Real Estate Math Made Easy PDF file! Visit for complete information! This real estate exam review was developed by Joyce Bea Sterling, Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) and Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI).

“Thank You for all the help! It really paid off today as you are now looking at a new Real Estate Agent!

I PASSED my test today and got a 88%. Wow! I really can’t believe it!
I know it was learning from your videos and the studying I did for the last 2 weeks!”

“Joyce today is a great morning. I finally passed the National part of the real estate
exam this morning. It was due to your assistance and materials that I passed. Once again thank you.”

legal description

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