Subject To Investing How to Buy Properties Subject To Existing Mortgage

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You’ve probably heard of “Subject-To” Investing but did you know that 60% of the time you can get the deed without having to qualify for a bank loan? Learn how. See my contact info below.

It actually works with any type of real estate; houses, apartment buildings, office, retail…. can be bought and sold subject-to their existing mortgages and liens. 

You’ll see step by step how to set up and do these deals.

Whether you’re just starting out or been an investor for a while, this information could help you get into deals that you couldn’t otherwise. You’ll never need cash or credit to own real estate again. 

You’ll find out how to put a property under contract, close on it, subject to any mortgage:
How to buy houses with absolutely no credit and no income verification. How to Get the Deed to nice homes in nice areas. How to work with the “Due on Sale Clause” and make the banks love you. How to close your deals properly with title and escrow. How to use a little known technique that avoids “Due on Sale” issues. PLUS – I will show you how to get an INVESTOR LINE OF CREDIT up to $3MM

If you have yet to do a deal or if your cash is tapped out, purchase your first property no matter what your credit report says or what’s in your wallet. 

The nice thing about this system of getting into properties is that you’ll own it! You control it and make all the decisions plus you’re free to profit however you like.
So if you’re looking for properties to hold or your first house to live in, check out this video.

P.S. – After you take over a property, I’ll personally show you how to refinance no cash, no credit.
You can take over nice homes in nice areas, believe it or not these are easiest.  The same can be done with junkers, mobile homes, apartment houses, commercial property, as long as you have this knowledge, you can get the deed!


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