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VA Mortgage Loans Greenville South Carolina | Greenville County SC VA Loans.

VA Mortgage Loans in Greenville County SC and 100% VA Loans are one of the best mortgage loan programs available for both active duty military and honorably discharged Vets.

What Are Some of the Benefits of this Incredible Program?
– Easier credit qualifying compared to other types of mortgage loans.
– Zero Down Payment, 100% financing.
– No monthly mortgage insurance added to your payment.
– VA Mortgage Rates are low compared to other types of home loans.
– The VA loan is assumable for when you sell your home.

For more information about the key features of a VA Loan in Greenville, South Carolina visit:

Who is eligible for a South Carolina VA Mortgage Loan?
• Active-Duty Military Personnel
• Veterans
• Reservist/National Guard members
• Certain surviving spouses of veterans

How do I get qualified for a VA Loan in South Carolina?
First you must verify your eligibility by ordering your Certificate of Eligibility or COE. You can go directly through VA to obtain a copy of your COE. Or a South Carolina VA loan lender can order your COE quickly for you. In order to see what information is needed to order your CEO, you can visit the VA web site:

How do I get Pre-Approved?
The next step is to obtain pre-approval with an experienced South Carolina VA lender. It is critical that you contact a lender who knows the VA Mortgage Loan program and all of the important differences compared to other loan programs. Get pre-approved here:
The pre-approval involves providing application information to the lender like residence and employment history, and supporting documentation such as pay stubs and bank statements and permission for a credit check.

What are the Closing Costs for a VA Loan in Greenville SC?
Even though no down payment is required for VA Mortgage loans, don’t confuse no down payment loans with meaning nothing is due at closing. For a purchase, there are closing costs involved in every transaction. However, it is possible to negotiate to have the seller pay all or some of your closing costs. Your VA lender will help you determine how much is due at closing.

There are ways to finance the closing costs if you don’t have money available for closing. Your lender can help you with these options. You can find out more about your VA Home Loan benefits by visiting the Greenville County Regional VA Office Website or in person. To find the nearest location, check here:

Where do I Find a VA Lender in Greenville South SC?
It is very important that you work with a local VA lender who understands the unique aspects of VA Mortgage Loans in Greenville, SC. A local VA Lender will know all the customary practices and closing fees for this area.

I specialize in VA Mortgage Loans in Greenville County South Carolina and 100% VA Mortgage Loans for over 14 years and would be happy to answer any questions.
There is no charge for an application or rate quote.
Call Randy Shamburger at 864-214-7570,, or apply online at


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