California VA Mortgages: Doing Business with Military Home Loans

November 19, 2012 132 No Comments

Description – Military Home Loans is a VA loan specialist in San Diego California. As California VA Mortgages experts, we cater to Veterans in San Diego as well as veterans throughout the state of California. We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan-with the best rates, terms and costs-to meet your unique needs.

We want to insure that every veteran across America anybody who is eligible for their VA loan can have access to the full scope of what the VA offers them as a home loan benefit.

Working with us. We’re a lender. I am not going to fib I would like to earn your business, I would like to earn your pre approval. So when you do get those clients and say “Hey, I got a great lender. He does awesome work with FHA and conventional but he doesn’t do a lot of VA and I want to make sure that all my clients, when somebody tells me they are pre approved, that they are really pre approved. When we get into contract, that we are really in contract. And guess what happens when 35 days after contract? I have happy clients that are going to refer me business and I have a commission check. As opposed to fighting with a denial letter from a lender from six months ago. That six months ago said this wasn’t an approved deal. What the, what the, bunk!? I would like to earn your business. That may mean asking your clients “Hey, who are you pre approved with right now? Would you like to consider a second opinion?” Sometimes clients bring the lender to you. Sometimes you don’t know that lender and sometimes you do know that lender and they are one of those lender that takes 45+ days on a good day. So, second opinions are sometimes important. Our job is to just get the deal closed.

Why do we do this stuff again? A summary, why use VA, zero down, low PMI, low rates. And it’s probably one of the most liberal most reasonable , “Hey, bad things happen to good people. Let’s get them back in the game of being homeowners.” When to use VA? Zero down, marginal credit, are disable veterans. They are where VA is going to be the most sensible option. It’s actually going to be a slam dunk. Ways to stand out? Like I said, we will send you a certificate of confirmation that you attended this class and you know more and are ready to help our veteran community. Take advantage of that. Brand yourself, brag about it, put it on Facebook. Do what you can to say “I am the agent you want to work with”.


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