Real Estate Closing Costs Explained

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This video explains, line by line, the various closing costs involved when buying a home, using the new Closing Disclosure form that went into effect 10/1/2015. Also, make sure you don’t violate the 3-day waiting period by using the TRANS-TRAC System, available for $20 at:
This system will guide you, step-by-step, from purchase agreement to closing, making sure you don’t miss any details that could cause a delay.
You can get copies of the new forms at

REALTOR Testimonials:

“I LOVE TRANS-TRAC! This program has become a vital part of my Real Estate System. Trans-Trac allows me to keep track of multiple escrows with ease. It is great how user friendly it is for Agents, TC’s and Assistants. We can all view the same screen at the same time from different computers and mobile devices. I strongly recommend this program to every Real Estate Agent with multiple escrows. Tonia”
-Tonia Kleinsmith

“Whether we are representing the buyer or seller, Trans-Trac has completely organized the transaction and is easy to use for our whole team. Thank you, Brad, for simplifying our lives!”
-Kathy Fissori

“I have a small team and have tried a number of online and print tools (dry erase board, note card, post-it’s, google docs, etc) and this is the best we’ve worked with! Thanks Brad for all your efforts.”
-Scott Taylor

“Very detailed steps and instructions, easy to follow and useful hints.”
-Lee Vasquez

“Exactly what i was looking for! It is simple and Brad explains the steps in easy language.”
-Cid Mostyn

“simple and effective”
-Jeff Twigg

“By keeping it simple, it’s a system that will last a long time and get my team’s buy in. Great job!”
-Jackie Ladd

“Being new to the Real Estate business I have found Escrow Coordination is the hardest in keeping Transaction running smooth. This system is so easy to learn”
-Alexis Ocegueda

“I scoured the web to find any and every TC training program out there. Really the only other TC-specific training option I found (besides this course) is the Certified Transaction Coordinator program through the California Association of Realtors ($459 total for non-members). As far as value, I don’t know if there’s anything else out there that compares to the value you get here in Brad’s program… This thing is gold, people… It is essentially a system that allows you to record information for every transaction and gives you specific instructions on how to complete all 31 steps of the transaction coordination process… Brad provides an excellent practical foundation…I give it a solid 4.5 stars. I recommend this as a starting place for any real estate agent who needs to know how to handle the TC portion of a transaction, or who wants to create a system to hand off to their TC. I also highly recommend this course to anybody who wants to become a TC, but doesn’t have any (or much) prior knowledge about real estate. Even if you do have prior knowledge, take this course if only for the system it provides.”
-Kyle Frost

“great stuff!”
-Larry Maas

“Clear and Consice instuctions.”
-Mike Howard

“I can already tell this course is exactly what I need. I am a new transaction coordinator and felt slightly overwhelmed with all the information and dates I needed to keep track of. This course will make my problems a thing of the past. All the information I need will be tidy and in one place, deadlines in easy view as well. THANK YOU.”
-Nyoka Gilbert

“I intentionally waited until I completed the course to write this review. I wanted to see if it would deliver all that was promised… I am a very satisfied student who is happy to leave my review. I want Gus to know that I really enjoyed his course… using this process will repay me my course fee many times over by saving me money year after year instead of having to pay to use some company’s transaction coordinator software. As a person who recently passed my real estate exam, I am glad I found this course so early in my real estate career. … Thank you Mr. Gustafson, I am so grateful to you for creating this course. I have yet to find another like it. Sincerely, Julie”
-Julie Hudson

“Great tool and easy to use!”
-Adam Ackley

“very informative.”
-Lana Davis

“So far it looks very informative and is taught at the right pace, I mean not too slow but also not too fast. The view of the spreadsheet on the screen is very clear and of a very good size.”
-Francisco Zuniga

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